Mobile Sauna Stove

Introducing the Mobile Sauna Tent Stove: The Perfect Companion for Your Sauna Adventures

Are you a sauna enthusiast looking to take your sauna experience on the go? Look no further than the mobile sauna stove, a game-changer in the world of portable saunas. This light and versatile stove is designed specifically for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a sauna wherever they go.

Weighing between 8-18 kilograms, this compact yet powerful sauna stove is built with convenience in mind. Its lightweight design ensures easy transportation, allowing you to bring it along on camping trips, beach outings, or even set up your very own personal sauna in your backyard.

Crafted from high-quality steel, this mobile sauna stove guarantees durability and longevity. Its sleek black or stainless color options add a touch of elegance to any setting, whether you’re using it inside a tent or within a dedicated sauna space.

Not only does this portable stove provide efficient heat distribution, but it also offers an exceptional level of control over temperature settings. With adjustable heat levels, you can customize your sauna experience according to your preferences and needs.

Whether you’re an avid camper seeking relaxation after a long hike or someone who enjoys the convenience of having their own personal oasis at home, the mobile sauna stove is here to elevate your wellness routine. Say goodbye to traditional saunas and embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with owning a portable solution.

Invest in the mobile sauna stove today and unlock unlimited possibilities for rejuvenation and relaxation wherever life takes you. Upgrade your outdoor adventures or create an intimate sanctuary within your living space – all made possible by this innovative piece of equipment. Get ready to embark on unforgettable journeys while indulging in the therapeutic benefits of saunas with ease and style.

Wood Fire Sauna Stove

Size: 560x325x480 mm / Weight 17 Kg

Enchaned heating contour,

Diffuser confuser concept for perfect convection

foldable legs


Steam Generator

Size: 314 x 400 mm

Stable basement: Weight 7,2 Kg / OD 90 mm / Steel thickness 1,5 mm

15 L Tank for hot water or steam

Mobile Sauna Stove wood

Details about the WOODEN Sauna STOVE OPTIMUS

1. Materials: heat-resistant steel. The furnace is made of stainless steel according to European
standards: the outer parts, which are not subject to high temperature loads, are made of AISI 304
steel; the furnace is made of heat-resistant AISI 321 steel.

2. Rivet firebox – the parts do not lead! A special feature of the firebox design is the use of stainless
steel rivets as a connection between the firebox elements. The use of rivets makes it possible to
compensate for the relative elongation of parts when they are heated, i.e. steel leads and waves that
lead to irreversible loss of geometry. The technology of using rivets is based on the experi-ence of
leading Norwegian and Swiss manufacturers of devices operating at high temperatures. Competitors
use welding. This is corrosion, short-lived.

3. The furnace is made and designed for optimal efficiency for fuel combustion. The design of the flue
gas outlet circuit of the furnace and the location of the air inlet openings ensure high efficiency of
wood fuel combustion and prevent the escape of incandescent solid particles of combustion products
(soot) from the chimney. The tracing of the flue gas circuit of the furnace is aimed at the optimal use of
the generated amount of combustion heat. (the same applies to p.4)
The secondary combustion system helps to burn fuel particles, which without this option tend to fly
into the chimney along with the flue gases. It turns out that your firewood burns to the maxi-mum,
giving all possible energy. Simple fact: a wood-burning stove ejects about 30 grams of non-
combustible waste per hour from the chimney – while a secondary afterburning furnace produces less
than 7 grams of waste per hour, reducing pollution levels by 75%.
The chimney, in turn, does not get clogged with soot and remains clean for a long time – every-thing is
fine with the draft and there are no fires!
Perfect smoke without burning soot pieces. Our smoke is clean. Particulate matter burns.

4. Our contour is up to 2 times longer than competitors

5. Convection – from electric heaters. Correct physics is taken into account in our system. It is taken
into account in the design.
The casing that encloses the furnace firebox is a design solution and technically performs a con-vector
function. The shape of the casing, based on the experience of German manufacturers of electric
convectors, produces the acceleration effect of the heated air and ensures uniform heat-ing of the air in
the room, using the properties of natural convection.
The oven has convection panels, which allows you to reach the required temperature in a short time
and achieve uniform heating of the air in the tent.
6. We have laid stones and work like a bathhouse.

Our stove provides the possibility of using stones to get the effect of a real wet sauna.

7. Diffuser – confusor. (The body is enlarged at the bottom, then set and expanded again.)
There is a mandatory air suction

8. A chimney with a length of more than 2 meters is placed inside the stove during transporta-tion.
The chimney is a prefabricated chimney-in-chimney structure. Its length ensures the presence of
draught in the furnace for stable combustion and stable discharge of flue gases outside the room.
When transporting the stove, the chimney elements must be stowed in the firebox.

9. In the tent, the air is heated evenly.

10. Ash hopper. We pour out 100% of ash without residues, in competitors, you need to shake, and
still the ashes remain.
The design of the ash hopper (ash pit) allows it to be one hundred percent cleaned by tilting the
furnace. To do this, it is necessary to remove the restrictor of incandescent solids from the furnace.
The removable panel in the ash pan allows you to quickly and efficiently remove all the ash with-out

11. Glass. It is coked in the usual versions.
Our glass does not coke. Our glass is clean because of the air convection design. The
aesthetic dominant of this stove is the decoration of the door with fireproof glass and the presence of
design solutions that prevent its smoking in operation. The atmosphere of comfort at home becomes a
Due to the unique design of the combustion chamber with a blowing system, the glass in the door is
not covered with soot, unlike similar stoves.

12. Volume of the firebox poses
The usable volume of the furnace is 22 liters, which allows you to achieve high power with small
overall dimensions of the stove in comparison with analogues. The shape of the furnace and the
location of the grate blowing holes guarantee the convenience of burning both ordinary fire-wood and
wood briquettes used as solid fuel.
Increased volume due to unique design

13. Special pipe construction. Due to expansion joints, extensions.
The chimneys are manufactured using high-tech modern equipment that allows you to go beyond
traditional rolling. Their design provides for the presence of thermal compensators, which allow you to
maintain their shape and perform their function at high temperatures.

14. Design – Space.
The design of the furnace is the result of the creative work of the team. The task was to make the
qualities of the form preferable while meeting the set technical requirements, to create an organ-ic
combination of aesthetic properties and technically intensive solutions that meet the standards and
time, to endow metal processing with meaning.
Well-thought-out ergonomic, modern design of the stove.
15. Convenient folding design for transportation.
The stove blowing device allows you to carry out “long-term burning” – to heat the room for a long
time. At the same time, firewood smolders without an


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