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An outdoor steam sauna QURI is a type of sauna that is
set up in an outdoor environment, such as a forest, lake,
garden or backyard. It typically consists of a special fabric
tent or enclosure designed to retain heat and moisture,
a mobile stove made from stainless steel to generate
heat, and a steam generator to create hot steam within
the sauna. This combination allows users to enjoy the
therapeutic benefits of a sauna experience while being

Tent sauna Q19 and Q25

TENT QT19 and QT25
The tent of the outdoor sauna is designed with an enforced duralumin carcass, which
provides excellent strength and durability. This and durable fastenings ensure that the tent
can withstand various weather conditions and remain stable even in strong winds.
In addition to its wind resistance, the tent is water repellent. The fabric used is fireproof,
ensuring that any potential fire hazards are minimized.
Furthermore, the fabric is UV protected, providing an additional layer of defense against
harmful sun rays. This protection helps to prevent the fabric from fading or deteriorating over
time due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.


Duraluminium main pole 9 mm
Water repellent: 3000 mm
Open fire resistance. When a flame is applied, the fabric quickly extinguishes the fire,
preventing it from spreading and minimizing the risk of any fire-related accidents.
UV protection: UPF50


Mobile Sauna stove Optiburner

The oven of an outdoor wet sauna is a crucial component that
is responsible for heating water, stones and air inside the sauna.
It is made from stainless steel, which is a durable and heat-
resistant material. The oven is designed to be mobile, allowing
it to be easily transported and set up in different outdoor
Overall dimensions (L × W × H):
550 × 315 × 650 mm
Weight: 17,8 kgs (with chimney)
Chimney sections: 5 pcs (included)
• Steel SS304
• Foldable racks
• Holder for the heating stones
• Anti soot tempered glass
System of burning gas.
Diffuser confuser construction.
Optimal convection ratio.

Tent Steam Generator

A steam generator is a device that produces steam by heating
water. The steam fills the room, creating a hot and humid
environment. The steam generator helps to create the desired
sauna experience by providing the necessary heat and humidity
for relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

Overall dimensions (D × H):
315 × 400 mm
Weight: 8,6 Kgs
• Stainless steel
• Thickness 1,5 mm
Water tank volume: 15 L
Effective hot steam generating.

Hot water generator details

1. The steam generator is made of high-quality stainless steel, AISI 304 according to European standards, and has high corrosion resistance when exposed to water and high temperature.

2. The device is capable of generating dry, superheated steam, which is very beneficial for human skin and health.

It also allows you to create optimal humidity and temperature in the traditions of a real wet souna.

3. It has an optimal volume of 12 liters and combines the functions of a steam generator and a hot water tank. This volume is enough for bathing procedures or for household needs. The water from the tank can be used to feed the stove stones, thus creating moist steam in the sauna room.

4. It has a high steam capacity in the initial stage of steam generation, which provides a larger amount of steam per unit of time

5. The nozzle breaker for the dry steam outlet of the superheater is directed inside the structure, which makes the operation of the steam generator safe even in small rooms.

6. Large, folding handle for easy transportation and maintenance of the steam generator.

7. The steam generator has small transport dimensions and weight.

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Mobile Outdoor Sauna

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